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Creates scripts to automate a wide variety of Windows-related tasks
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Automate your repetitive task by creating scripts from them. The tool creates macros for a third-party application, network-related commands, Internet-based control, SQL database tasks as well as Windows APIs. It supports every version of Windows between XP and Windows 10.

WinBatch is a suite of applications intended to get the most of your operating system’s routines by using Windows Interface Language (WIL). In this regard, you will be able to create small batch WIL files that can be used to manage the system and automate many of usual operations, like managing Windows desktops, unattended and scheduled jobs, LAN access and administration, login scripting, serial communications and data access. The scripts you create can be run by clicking on an icon or selecting the desired operation from a popup menu.
Several utilities have been included in this package and they are accessed directly from a welcoming screen. Run a .wbt file is one of these utilities, whose function is to run the files created. Winbatch Studio is a script file interpreter. Roboscripter will help you create batch files automatically by recording different actions. Determine Owning EXE identifies the application that has spawned a particular window. Track mouse coordinates will show the current coordinates of the mouse pointer. Window Information shows the position parameters of a Window when you move the mouse over it. File Browser will let you view files either as text or hexadecimal file listing. Finally, there is Compiler, which is used to convert scripts into executable files that do not need WinBatch to do their jobs. In addition, the welcoming screen also allows opening extensive online and offline documentation, including a tutorial and frequent tips.
The program user interface is neat and the use of a welcome window will help you find your way easily. If any difficulty arises it is probably the result of working with an application that logically requires at least basic programming knowledge. However, some users may not like such a Spartan design.
WinBatch is definitely not an application for the standard user. Instead, it is intended for programmers and system administrators who would like to automate some tasks. Just for you to have an idea of this application’s usefulness, let me tell you that it offers more than 500 different functions performing tasks that, according to the developers, would take long strings of code in other programming languages.

Pedro Castro
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  • It automates lots of Windows functions
  • It includes various tools


  • The interface is plain
  • It is difficult to use for standard users
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